FND Broward Services

The Family Network on Disabilities of Broward County, Inc. provides Individual Advocacy Services to parents who have children with developmental disabilities or special needs. 

Individuals who have a physical or developmental disability such as Spina Bifida, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability and who may have special medical conditions resulting from the disabilities are eligible for services.  Additionally, high-risk children who have a developmental delay in cognition, language, or physical development, or who has a physical or genetic anomaly associated with developmental disability may also be eligible.

The services include educating parents about their rights regarding special education services, the Individual Education Plan, and can include intervening on behalf of their children who have a grievance against a public or private service provider, or who believe that their rights have been violated, to attempt to reach an equitable settlement which ensures that the child receives the benefits and services to which he or she is entitled without resorting to litigation.

The intent of services is to educate parents about the special education system, the process of accessing services, identifying resources, and being able to advocate for their children on their own.

Potential client families must be able to provide proof of income to determine if eligible for services with no out of pocket costs.  Families who meet this eligibility will be funded through a grant from Broward County Community Partnerships / Children’s Services Division.   Families who do not meet income guidelines may select to receive services as private pay clients.  Private pay clients must submit an initial deposit of $250.00 and charges will be deducted from the credit on your account.  Any amount billed in excess of the credit balance must be paid when invoice is sent to continue to receive services.

Number of people living in home       Annual Household Income Up To:

                      2                                              $  73,240

                      3                                              $  92,120

                      4                                              $ 111, 000

                      5                                              $ 129,880

                      6                                              $ 148,760